Iseami House as demonstration of sustainable architecture

Iseami House as demonstration of sustainable architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Today innovation is one of the elements of which people make full use, generating as a result, structures an incredible level, without affecting the environment in any way and, above all, using all natural elements to survive, to show one of these many elements, the ISEAMI house, is the icon of a new trend that many architects should take into account when the construction or development of plans.

Iseami the house as a demonstration of merger between nature and technology

Keep in mind that everything that has to do with elements of construction, infrastructure and development of cities, has an extremely negative effect on the environment today, although many people are aware that this element must be protected at all coast, and although a lot of governments are implementing a large number of statutes and rules to not harm the environment when it comes to construction and removal of structures, always and somehow, you can observe the negative effect of these elements, but and innovation come, and for that, several architects of Costa Rica, created the ISEAMI house, and sta latter was created based on elements that do not affect in any way the environment, and to generate all the necessary elements to live in the house, solar panels have been used and took advantage of a stream of water near their location, in order to provide the vital liquid, both the house and the pool it contains, which makes it a luxury.

One of the most important elements of the ISEAMI house, is that all the elements used in their design and construction were combined, not to affect in any respect the environment, but on the contrary, all the elements that were used, come thereof, in addition to that, it was in a very remote from the city, which gives privacy and above all, freedom to those who live with this post, we want to thank these people for working and contributing to the Environmental care.


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