Book your luxury vacations in Costa Rica

Book your luxury vacations in Costa Rica

Private homes Osa Península

Located in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, just where the rain forest and the endless blue sea met, the amazing Iseami House offers a great opportunity for one to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

The Iseami house is luxurious and 100% self-sufficient, it has a balcony to watch the horizon and take a look at the macaws, toucans, and our protected forest on the edge of the Corcovado National Park, just by turning your head!

Besides its terrace -which offers a magnificent 360° view- the house has an office, pool, a guest bathroom and a meeting space on the second floor, where the master bedroom and a huge area for private activities are located.

It’s a dream house; its excellence has been recognized by worldwide companies and organizations because of its design and construction which synthesize the idea of an absolutely environment-friendly residence.

The Iseami house is located in Playa Carate, gateway to the Corcovado National Park which hosts 5% of the Earth’s biodiversity .The house is located far away from the madding crowd but is accessible by land through the Puerto Jimenez community, or by air since an airfield is located just a few hundred meters away.

In addition, the house is fully equipped with a kitchen that includes a 4 burners gas stove, gas oven, refrigerator, TV and DVD.

From the house, you can appreciate the various manifestations of nature… a multi-colored macaw approaching the balcony, a stalking hawk, a toucan singing in a close branch… or, well, you can take a horse ride along the beach and trails, surf in the Pejeperrito lagoon, or fish in the lagoon or the beach.

There are many relaxation and adventure options in the Iseami house, and there are even more on the 700 square kilometers of the Osa Peninsula, home to 375 species of birds (18 endemics), 124 species of land mammals, 61 species of freshwater fishes, 8000 species of insects, 71 species of reptiles and 46 species of amphibians.

Because of these and many other reasons the Iseami house is an idyllic place where you can enjoy the sea, sky, and forest, along with the comforts of a luxury residence. Think no more. Contact us by mail or using the form on our website and make your reservations in advance. We’re at your service!


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