Luxury House for Rent in Costa Rica

Luxury House for Rent in Costa Rica

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Staying in a hotel, a traditional resort hosting, usually, limits the freedom feeling that city dwellers are looking for in order to enjoy perfect vacations. The ideal thing is to be in the middle of nature for comfort and as home.

How about a luxury house for rent, to spend your vacations in Costa Rica, you don’t have to feel enclosed like in a hotel thinking you have to live with security and maintenance personnel for the rest of the year. The Iseami house gives you the opportunity to enjoy idyllic vacations.

The Iseami house is a luxury residence located in Carate, Osa Peninsula, near the Corcovado National Park, just where the vast Pacific Ocean and the rain forest, which scientists believe is the most biological dense place on earth.

This residence has earned worldwide awards due its singular architectural features which are conceived and designed to create a symbiosis between the human beings and nature.
The Iseami house is a role model:

It is 100% self – sufficient. It has solar panels that provide 10,800 KWh and a low impact Pelton generator powered by water from the mountain, with the capacity to generate another 800 KWh.

The house was designed to make the maximum out of daylight; it has a fully equipped kitchen with a 4 burners gas stove, gas oven, refrigerator, TV, and DVD.

The upper floor has a terrace with a magnificent 360° view which allows you to contemplate the horizon and meet the innocent animals that reach the railings from the protected forests.

At the second floor, there is the master bedroom, the office, the pool, the guest bathroom, a dining table with seating for twelve people and a meeting area which is excellent for private activities.

On the ground floor, there is a deck, a swimming pool, tennis and massage tables, a dining area for eight, a gas barbecue and a space intended to practice meditation and yoga while facing the splendid panorama.

The chance of renting the Iseami house opens up a world of possibilities. Thanks to its location, visitors can get around the many attractions offered by this natural treasure known as Osa Peninsula: Parks, nature reserves, rivers, lakes, and the sea.

The Iseami house is a dreamlike place; it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the nature in a luxury residence. If you are considering having an unforgettable vacation, think no more. Contact us by mail or using the form on our website and make your reservations in advance. We would love to help you plan your vacation!


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