Rental houses for vacation in Costa Rica

Rental houses for vacation in Costa Rica

Private homes Osa Península

Among the wide range of tourism offers around the world, you can find luxury hotels offering excursions into the jungle, the rivers, and the beach; as well as in cabins located near the mountains or the beach. But the ISEAMI House offers luxury and comfort at both the beach and the mountains at the same time.

Its features ─ awarded for its many contributions to eco-architecture ─ and its location next to a forest considered as the “little Amazon”, give to ISEAMI a great advantage over other tourist destinations because the customer does not pay for a luxury he/she will not enjoy during the tours and he/she also has the comforts that a rustic cabin doesn’t offer.

With a 360-degree view that allows you to see from a single spot the beautiful Carate beach and the biological corridor that connects it to the Corcovado National Park, the ISEAMI House is ideal for those who want to get rid of the city’s noise and enjoy the comfort of home as well.

The only problem is that you need to take a camera with you since you can see whales, dolphins, multicolored macaws, and the cheerful and intense biological life of the surrounding jungle from the balcony.

The ISEAMI house is located on Carate beach, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, near the Sirena station, the main gateway to Corcovado, which was recently recognized by The National Geographic magazine as the best natural park of the world. You can get there by taxi, from Puerto Jimenez or by plane from San Jose.

But if the desire for adventure pushes you to walk the surroundings, you can walk along the beach, swim, fish or watch dolphins and whales as well as visiting the amazing natural attractions offered by this beautiful peninsula, such as:

• Pejeperrito Lagoon: The opportunity to kayak through the calm waters of a lagoon where marine and terrestrial animal species meet. This lagoon is part of the Pejeperro National Wildlife Reserve.

• Virgin forests: The ISEAMI Project ranch consists of 74 hectares of natural forest, but our neighbor, the Corcovado National Park consists of 54,000 hectares of primary forests.

• Abundant wildlife: The place is surrounded by limpets, four species of monkeys, hawks, toucans, agouti, tapirs, herons, and other wildlife species for our visitors to see.

• Carate Beach: A black sand, volcanic beach, ideal for sunbathing, walking, riding, and contemplating the wild animals coming out of the woods fearless of humans. This beach is also the arrival point for the green turtle.

• The best natural park in the world: La Leona biological station (La Leona Ranger Station) is located just four kilometers away while visitors can enter the Corcovado National Park, which is a treasure for tourists, students, and researchers.

• Fishing Tours: Territory of abundance. You can fish in any part of this beautiful and long beach and live a wonderful experience.

• Horseback Riding: Ride on well- trained animals that will take you for a tour by the Oro River, feel “cowboy for a day” or, if you prefer, you can ride a gentle and reliable buffalo.

You can enjoy these and many other attractions as much as you want or enjoy the nature from the balcony of the luxury ISEAMI House, where the sea and the forest meet each other.

If you’re looking for rental houses in Costa Rica, the ISEAMI House is the best choice. Contact us through our e-mail or the form placed on our website. Make your reservations in advance.


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