Sustainable and environmentally friendly house in Corcovado

Sustainable and environmentally friendly house in Corcovado

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Located in the south of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, near the entrance to Corcovado National Park, there is the ISEAMI House declared as the best ecologically sustainable house built in 2010 due to its environment-friendly features, innovation on sustainable resources, and self-sufficiency.

This declaration achieves even greater significance because the selection was made by the Realty & Investments section of The International Business Times, a website published in ten languages, with thirteen offices worldwide. It is one of the biggest online business news websites in the world.

But, if the award given by The International Business Times is not enough, as presentation of this project, the ISEAMI House has also earned the Grand Metalco Award (2010), an honorable mention in the Biennial of Architecture and Design in Costa Rica (2010), and the privilege of being Finalist in the Best Architecture Project (2010).

The particularities of this wonderful house conceived as a visionary complement of the environment, located next to the Corcovado National Park; famous for being the most biologically dense place in the world. It is the best natural park in the world! No, this is not an advertising nonsense but actual evaluations made by the Neotropical Foundation and The National Geographic magazine.

The ISEAMI House, located in Playa Carate, faces the Pacific Ocean and has the jungle behind; it has a 360-degree view, so you can both catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales and then watch an ecosystem populated by thousands of animal species, only by turning your head.

This is a house you can enjoy individually or as a couple, with a group or your family, because it has all the necessary conditions for an unforgettable vacation.

Among the ISEAMI House’s characteristics, there are:

• It has an alternative electric generation system formed by a low-impact hydroelectric system with capacity to generate 14.400KW/h, a solar plant (which is the whole house) that manages to generate 10.800KW/h, and a wind generator that will be installed in the future, which will help to produce energy from Osa Peninsula’s wind.

• The exoskeleton of the house is reinforced with steel, which eliminates the moisture in confined spaces and requires no water for its installation, and with thermo-panel due to its high acoustic resistance and thermal capacity to refract heat and keep comfortable temperatures at night.

• The structure has characteristics that allow excellent cross ventilation that works as a natural air conditioning, eliminating costs of using electronic equipment.

• The first level has a social area with a terrace, office, pool, guest bathroom, and a meeting space. Here we aim to generate freedom.

• On the second level, there is the master bedroom and a large area that can be used as a zone for private activities. Here, the plan is to provide protection that envelops the user keeping him/her from dawn temperatures.

The ISEAMI House is a vacation destination, where visitors enjoy a unique experience, isolated from the noise of the city; while immersed in the songs of nature. You can contact us via email or use the form placed on our website. Contact us now; make your reservations in advance.


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