Costa Rica Luxury Homes for Rent

Costa Rica Luxury Homes for Rent

Private homes Osa Península

Wherever you go, you will find luxury homes for rent; but you will not always find a residence located in the middle of the Paradise. If you are looking for a holiday adventure while enjoying the comforts of home, the ISEAMI House is the answer.

ISEAMI House is a luxury residence, located on a 74-hectare farm which serves as a biological corridor between the large Carate beach and the Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

This house has a privileged location for tourists who want to spend a holiday in contact with nature enjoying from the wide variety of entertainment opportunities: the beach, where at certain times you can view whales and dolphins passing by, you can go to swim, ride a horse, snorkeling and sunbathe or, if you prefer, to wander in the shade of the trees.

You can walk by the trails of the Corcovado National Park, “a small Amazon”, described by the prestigious National Geographic magazine as the best natural park of the Earth, you can watch the limpets, tapirs, toucans and monkeys and, perhaps, a jaguar, in their natural habitat. You can also visit the lakes, rivers, mountains, and the hillsides spattered with gold.

The ISEAMI house is a luxurious, innovative and ecological house. With the comforts of home, it offers a 360-degree view that allows you to see the entire beach and the nearby rainforest. Its particularities granted this house with various national and international awards. And it is no wonder:

• It has an alternative electric generation system that consists of a low-impact hydroelectric system, a solar plant and the installation of a wind generator in the nearby future to produce energy with wind.
• The exoskeleton of the building was reinforced with steel and high acoustic resistance and thermal capacity thermal panels to refract heat and contain comfortable temperatures overnight.
• The characteristics of the structure allows an excellent cross ventilation that works as a natural air conditioning.
• The first level has a social area with a terrace, office, pool, guest bathroom and a meeting space.
• On the second level there is the master bedroom and a large space that can be used as a zone for private activities.

In Costa Rica there are many luxury homes for rent, but none like the ISEAMI house to enjoy from a unique experience, away from the noise of the city and near the chants of nature. Contact us now; Make your reservations in advance through our email or the form placed on our website.


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