Private homes for rent in South Zone Costa Rica

Private homes for rent in South Zone Costa Rica

Private homes Osa Península

With 25% of the area protected and an abundance that means 4.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is one of the world leaders in environmental performance.

It has created a culture of harmony with the environment that people want to share with everyone inviting people to experience its many beaches, natural parks, protected reserves, indigenous communities, cities, museums …

Costa Rica is an increasingly attractive tourist destination for vacationers, in all sectors of its territory has natural treasures to amaze tourists, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of the south, its rainforest and its long list of ecosystems.

In the south is where the highest percentage of protected areas and indigenous reserves are, its extensive primary forests, mountains, beaches, smiling people, and an infrastructure for all tastes and conditions. For example:

Esquinas: A tropical rainforest part of the Piedras Blancas National Park, bordering Corcovado National Park.
Golfito: Golfito Wildlife Reserve, which besides protecting the flora and fauna, it also protects water sources that supply the small town/port of Golfito.
Bahía Drake: The pirate Francis Drake refuge with magnificent beaches, surrounded by Isla de Caño Biological Reserve and the Corcovado National Park.
Sierpe: The village of fishermen and tourism operators from which boats depart to Drake Bay and the mangroves of the Sierpe River, a haven of l7 thousand hectares located in the western sector of the Osa Peninsula.

These and many other attractions make the Costa Rican territory an irresistible destination with the advantage that it is accessible for those seeking private home rentals in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

It is just next to Corcovado National Park where our ISEAMI House, a luxury residence, where visitors coexist with nature while enjoying the comforts of home is located.

The ISEAMI house is located in Playa Carate, near Puerto Jimenez, the main community of the Osa Peninsula. Away from the noise of cities, the ISEAMI house offers privacy and comfort: characteristics features of a residence with the comforts of home such as a terrace, an office, a pool, a guest bathroom and meeting space.

If you are looking for private rental properties in the southern zone of Costa Rica, you can contact us through our email or the form placed on our website. It will be a pleasure to serve you!


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