Accommodation in Corcovado

Accommodation in Corcovado

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When we speak about the Corcovado National Park we refer to one of the best natural environments that exist on Earth: A closed forest of more than 45 thousand hectares, hundreds of colorful birds’ species, hundreds of mammals’ species living in their habitat, and others.

But then, where to stay in Corcovado?

The Corcovado National Park is a primary forest declared by the United Nations Organization for Education (UNESCO) as an intangible world heritage and, because of that, Costa Rica wants the world to know it.

It’s a protected zone, located in the Osa Peninsula, in the southeastern part of Costa Rica that allows small rural communities to develop, have an income for the inhabitants and feel flattered by people who visit it, keeping with the nature.

Around the park there’s an eco-tourism trend promoting to visit the place and offering lodging, transportation, guide and food services to people who visit it, whether they are tourists, students or researchers.

But near La Leona Station -the rangers station- which works as the entrance of the National Park, there is the Iseami House, a residence where families or groups willing to enjoy Corcovado can get a luxury accommodation.

Our house has won several awards for being respectful with the nature, its 360-degrees view will allow visitors to enjoy the Pacific Ocean and its own 74-hectare forest from the balcony.

The Iseami house is accessible either by land or air, so if you visit us from afar, we only need to coordinate in advance and help you get the best route.

The Iseami house is the most beautiful alternative for those who need accommodation in Corcovado. Make your reservations early via email or filling the form on our website and enjoy a wonderful experience. Enjoy with us a natural treasure called Corcovado National Park, it is waiting for you.


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