Houses to rent for groups in Costa Rica

Houses to rent for groups in Costa Rica

Private homes Osa PenĂ­nsula

Visiting a natural sanctuary implies having a private space for observation and reflection, but, ultimately, we are social beings who need companionship and conviviality.

The idea of visiting a natural treasure like the Corcovado National Park involves experiencing the nature in all its splendor, seeing the animals from the forest who live disregard the presence of the visitors, walking around the beach or contemplating a whale in the ocean.

But it’s always nice to have people around with whom share the moment, such as the family or coworkers, studying, researching or having an adventure, traveling in groups is always ideal. But: Is it possible to find houses to rent for groups in Costa Rica? In the Osa Peninsula it is possible; in a beautiful luxury residence.

In Carate, near the Corcovado National Park entrance, there is the Iseami house, a house that has won several national and international awards for being entirely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

We conceived it with an architectural concept that allow the house to exploit the natural resources such as the ventilation and natural light. Thanks to its 360-degree view, it allows you to enjoy the splendid panorama of the Pacific Ocean and the jungle.

The Iseami house is located on a 74-hectare ranch which serves as a biological corridor between the beach and the Corcovado National Park. It is accessible either by land from Puerto Jimenez (connected to the rest of the country by a paved road, sea via Golfo Dulce, and air to a domestic airport) or by plane, to the very Carate beach.

The Iseami house is the most beautiful alternative for those seeking for houses for rent for groups in Costa Rica. Make your reservations early and enjoy a wonderful experience.


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