Luxury lodging in the mountains in Corcovado

Luxury lodging in the mountains in Corcovado

Luxury lodging in the mountains in Corcovado

Scientists, magazines and tourists coincide in locating Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, as one of the most exuberant places on Earth, given the biological intensity it has in its nearly 48,000 hectares.

It is no exaggeration, since in its wide variety of ecosystems there are forests, beaches, coral reefs, mangroves and freshwater marshes; as well as several river basins, giant trees full of life, which feed the animal species. There are also trees of precious woods: nazareno, pompojoche, guayabón, sangreao, ojoche, espavel, among others.

In addition, beautiful creatures among which are the tapir, jaguar, puma, manigordo, tapirs, anteaters, Caribbean monkeys, congos, red lapas and more.

It is, in other words, a place where 2.5 of the world’s know biodiversity lives. But: how to enjoy so much beauty? Transiting the Park, along its paths, or enjoying the outlying areas, where the forests and beaches caress each other

Luxury Accommodation

Nature created species; The Costa Rican State decided to protect them for the benefit of humanity and ISEAMI House offers you the opportunity to enjoy luxury accommodation in the mountains of Corcovado.

ISEAMI House is a luxury residence located just three kilometers from La Leona station, the gateway to Corcovado, which is located in the south of the Peninsula of Osa, Costa Rica.

With a location and a privileged panoramic view, in the community of Carate, Puerto Jiménez, in our house we offer you all the comforts that a demanding tourist can expect, one who wants to enjoy the beach and the jungle.

Entertainment opportunities include relaxing on the beach and sea, where it is possible to go riding, snorkeling and sunbathing or, if you prefer, at certain times of the year, whale and dolphin watching.

Our ISEAMI House is innovative, ecological, with a 360º view that allows you to appreciate the wide panorama of the beach and the tropical forest, from a fresh balcony frequently visited by the birds.

The architectural particularities have allowed to win several national and world prizes, for example:

It has an electrical generation system composed of a low impact system, a solar plant. As a complement, the installation of a wind generator is contemplated.
The exoskeleton of the work was reinforced with steel and thermo-panel, with high acoustic resistance and thermal capacity.
The structure allows an excellent strategy of cross ventilation.
On the first level, it has a terrace for social celebrations, office, swimming pool, guest bathroom.
On the second level is the master bedroom and a large space that can be used as a private activity area.

ISEAMI House is a luxury accommodation for those visiting the Corcovado Mountains, with the comforts of home, but without the noises of the cities.
Make your reservation in time, through our email or the form included in our website.


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