Luxury rental for a great vacation on the Osa Peninsula

Luxury rental for a great vacation on the Osa Peninsula

Vacationing in Corcovado, Costa Rica? Iseami House is your best choice

When planning a vacation, the first ideas may be oriented towards a luxury hotel in a traditional tourist city or a trip to inhospitable territories where you can meet some species of wildlife.

But in the Peninsula of Osa, Costa Rica, it is possible to take in rent a splendid residence, isolated from the noises of the city, located in a territory where the beach and the natural forest where 2.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity is located.

Without going far, in the Peninsula of Osa there are between four and five thousand species of vascular plants, which serve as habitat for 375 species of birds, 124 species of mammals, 40 species of freshwater fish … The species recorded in this territory represent more than 40% of all known species in the country.

The opportunity to appreciate some or many of them is obvious, and no one will be surprised if the birds come to brighten the morning to the vacationers, from the balcony of our house in ISEAMI House.

ISEAMI House is a luxury rental residence for a great vacation on the Osa Peninsula. The house is the luxury shared with the forest and the sea.

This is a residence that has deserved diverse national and international recognitions, for its architectonic and functional characteristics, entirely friendly with the environment, such as:

It has an alternative generation system composed of a low impact hydroelectric system.
The structure of the work was made with steel and thermo-panel, with high acoustic resistance and thermal capacity.
It has in the first level a social area, with terrace, office, swimming pool, guest bathroom and meeting space.
On the second level is the master bedroom and a large space that can be used as a private activity area.
The kitchen is equipped.
Spacious living room with large seating area, cable TV and DVD player.

Its location, in Carate de Puerto Jiménez, Golfito, allows the vacationer to walk and reach the long beach, where you can walk, ride, snorkel, swim or appreciate dolphins and whales that arrive for certain seasons.

If you are looking for a luxury rental residence, for a great vacation in the Osa Peninsula, ISEAMI House is the answer. Do not hesitate to contact us and make your reservations with time.


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