Luxury rental for a great vacation on the Osa Peninsula

When planning a vacation, the first ideas may be oriented towards a luxury hotel in a traditional tourist city or a trip to inhospitable territories where you can meet some species of wildlife.

Vacationing in Corcovado, Costa Rica? Iseami House is your best choice

A large part of the world’s tourist offer invites you to visit truly wonderful beaches, but crowded with hotel infrastructure that seems to take away space for the marine territory. Costa Rica is different; here, they caress the forests and the waves.

Luxury lodging in the mountains in Corcovado

Scientists, magazines and tourists coincide in locating Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, as one of the most exuberant places on Earth, given the biological intensity it has in its nearly 48,000 hectares.

Houses for rent with ocean view in Corcovado

Corcovado National Park is a natural treasure located in southeastern Costa Rica, which has prestigious recognitions for the flora and fauna of its mountains and plains, but is also a territory bordered by the Pacific Ocean.

Luxury house for rent in Corcovado

If among the ideals of a human being is to enjoy a season on a paradisiac beach, bordered by a natural forest, the pleasure can not be greater when you have a luxury home available.

Accommodation for honeymoon in Corcovado

We all agree that marriage is one of the most sublime experiences a person can experience and that the beginning of a new life should be celebrated with an experience to remember during the rest of our lives.

Accommodation in Corcovado

When we speak about the Corcovado National Park we refer to one of the best natural environments that exist on Earth: A closed forest of more than 45 thousand hectares, hundreds of colorful birds’ species, hundreds of mammals’ species living in their habitat, and others.

Houses to rent for groups in Costa Rica

Visiting a natural sanctuary implies having a private space for observation and reflection, but, ultimately, we are social beings who need companionship and conviviality.

Private Homes For Rent in Costa Rica

The are many options for home rentals in Costa Rica; but one that allows you to see the infinite Pacific Ocean and the virgin forest by just turning your head is hard to find.

Private homes for rent in South Zone Costa Rica

With 25% of the area protected and an abundance that means 4.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is one of the world leaders in environmental performance.

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