Enjoy Corcovado on the Osa Peninsula

Picture a flock of colorful macaws feeding on trees by the beach; Herons in the Pejeperrito lagoon; a walking tapir showing no fear of humans… all of this portrayed within two shades of sky and sea blue, united by the horizon … Only in Corcovado!

Luxury vacations in Costa Rica

If among your vacation plans you are considering devoting a space to your reconciliation with the nature, consider the opportunities offered by the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica: a small protected area of 56,000 hectares, which provides a habitat for 500 species of birds and mammals.

Luxury vacation in Corcovado

For those who love nature, nothing is more beautiful and pleasant than to have a luxury vacation while visiting the Corcovado National Park. This great place is one of the most visited location by both local tourists and foreign adventurers. This place is located on the Peninsula of Ursa.

The ISEAMI house, an architectural piece

One of the most beautiful Costa Rican place to date is the ISEAMI house, this project is also called the lunar station that was created between 2009 and 2010. This beautiful resort has been one of the most important works of world architecture as it is a 100% self-sufficient house, giving an example of a good bioclimatic design.

Spend a great vacation in the Osa Peninsula

There is nothing more comforting than spending a good working season then having a good vacation. This place provides a beautiful place; we are talking about the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica located on the southeast of the Pacific Ocean. This location has beautiful tropical rainforest habitats; the location is home to the famous Corcovado National Park which, according to studies…

Private homes for rent in Osa PenĂ­nsula

Costa Rica is a fantastic place in everything related to the interaction with nature, counting with wonderful landscapes and a very diverse wildlife all over the country, however, there is a place that highlights over the others in this topic, and that is the Osa Peninsula, considered one of the most beautiful places in the whole country.

Luxury vacation rentals in Osa PenĂ­nsula

The Osa Peninsula is known because of the many wonderful natural areas around the area, and also because it is one of the most important locations in the Centre American Country, within the peninsula, is located the Corcovado National park that counts for the largest wildlife diversity that goes beyond the half in the whole country.

Private Houses For Rent In Corcovado

To ISEAMI House private homes for rent in Corcovado, build a luxury home that is totally self-sufficient, providing its own electricity, heating and cooling systems, water and waste disposal, it has been a challenge in recent years, but yet they have succeeded always giving the best overall quality architectural design.

Renting luxury home in Corcovado

Keep in mind that all browsers and researchers need a place where all the elements, to investigate are as close as possible to their place of stay, so, rent a luxury home in corcovado, provide them with all the facilities are looking for when doing any kind of research, especially taking into account that this place has a lot of species in certain months, do physical presence.

Luxury Homes For Rent Corcovado, Casa Iseami

Casa Iseami, a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) designed home. The house is 100% self sustainable and generates its own power from solar panels and a Pelton wheel turbine, allowing for a comfortable but limited supply of energy.

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